National Storage

Convert your fixed costs into variables. Our scheme allows you to pay for the positions you really need, not for the lease of a fixed space.We have the best infrastructure, technology and storage systems, which cost less as they are prorated among thousands of pallet positions.Avoid investing in expensive equipment that is not your core business.Dedicate yourself 100% to the sale of your products and services, leaving your storage and logistics operations in the hands of our specialists. Visit here for more about warehousing.

Guarantees good customer service

Who benefits?

To any company that wants to focus on its specialty, to increase the sales of its products or services.

To companies that wish to convert their fixed costs into variables.

To foreign companies that wish to maintain an inventory of merchandise in Mexico and offer better response times to their customers.

Why we?

We store and guard your merchandise in our facilities and we manage your inventory in a specialized way.

All our storage services include: custody, loading and unloading maneuvers, departure, cargo insurance and cleaning of the merchandise in our facilities.


Avoid hidden costs, in addition to converting fixed costs into variable costs.

Access to updated inventories.

Eliminates inefficiencies allowing better control and security of your merchandise.

Reduced inventories at your own facilities.

Increase the flexibility of your operation, outsourcing temporary storage.


Adequate infrastructure and strategic geographic location.

Security in our facilities and processes that guarantee the integrity of your products.

Easy access to complementary logistics services.

More than 38 years of experience.

Personalized service through an account advisor.

Warehousing Services 

Storage in Lima, we have infrastructures according to the conditions required. The reception and storage of merchandise in Lima is comfortable and safe 24 Hours / 365 days a year, whether for private companies or companies, for a short time, for a long period and according to your needs.

We offer you options in the Storage and Distribution of the merchandise. We also have the service of Warehousing, Management and Control of inventories, packaging and repacking of your goods.

Services We Provide:

Furniture Storage.

Home Storage.

Merchandise Storage.

Office Goods Storage.

Document Storage

Warehousing and Logistics Services

We have an experienced team of professionals, ensuring the highest quality in the management and provision of services in our warehouses. Storage, expeditions and receptions, inventory control, etc ...

We offer our clients different storage and logistics possibilities that can range from one week to longer periods with a wide range of spaces and capacities at the best price.

The reform of a room, a change of house, old furniture that we do not know where to keep, certain memories that we want to keep saving ... ... we have the solution to your problems. We disassemble, pack and guard them according to your needs for the necessary time. Later we replace them in the necessary place.

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